Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Over the summer I did some work experience at The Designers Republic in Sheffield. During the week Ian Anderson wasn' t there but the other person that worked for him, Tom looked after me for the week. During my time there I helped work on a logo for Norton Cast Products which was a huge steelwork company, I helped put the design work for the up and coming doc-fest into different formats and also produced a simplistic typographic design for a record cover which was then to be hand drawn.

My experience at tDR was that of mixed feelings, I got to see what it was like to work for a big named company and sat in on a meeting with Fedrigoni papers which helped me to understand how the technicalities of running an agency worked with paper merchants and printers. The only negatives that I took from the process was that for the majority of the time I was sat in front of the computer, as an intern I cannot really expect much more and I realise that when I start working as a junior designer, I will have to do a lot of this however it has made me more determined to work harder so this is not the case.