Tuesday, 5 October 2010


This is a logo I was asked to produce for a new company called Diggerkids which rents out children's play diggers to locations around the North West. The idea of using the 'D' as a digger bucket was fairly simple and I used a very child friendly font to emphasise the idea of fun. This was one of my first experiences working with a client and it came with some ups and downs. At first I was told that I had creative freedom to produce what I wanted yet when I went to him with my design he seemed to want a lot more control over it and by the end was being very specific as to how it looked. I suppose that this is mostly the case as I came up with the initial look and theme of the logo and then he adapted it to how he wanted it to finally look. This was a good experience as it taught me working hands on with a client and also how to price my work which is something that I have not yet thought about properly.