Tuesday, 5 October 2010


“In a world packed with countless biennials, triennials and the rest, this madcap event in Liverpool remains distinctive and entertaining. The shows are scattered all over the city, often in pretty strange places, but the overall ambition — to introduce British audiences to up-and-coming international artists and trends — is adhered to excellently." The Times
I went to the Biennial as the Static project started in uni, I was hoping to find some work that could relate to the word static and there was lots of work there that can be linked to it but I was fairly uninspired by most of the stuff I saw.
There were however some highlights to the trip, the piece by Nicholas Hlobo in which there was a room made up of ribbons hanging from the ceiling, you could walk around the pathways or you could stray and walk through the ribbons. I do however feel that the reason that I enjoyed this piece was not for the reason that the artist intended.
The other highlight of the trip was going to the cathedral, the art inside by Emin wasn't great but the cathedral itself was amazing and quite inspiring.