Saturday, 4 December 2010

Anthony Burrill

'Anthony Burrill has made a new series of limited-edition posters, printed in BP oil from the ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Profits go to the ‘Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana’. The oil was collected direct from the polluted beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana.' I found this article on designer Antony Burrill on the Eye Magazine blog, it immediately stood out as it was taking the idea of designing for a cause to another level. There have been numerous design campaigns critisizing the BP oil spill, most notably the re-designs of the BP logo which produced a very varied responses. Yet this adds another dimension to the designs that have been coming out of the disaster, actually using the oil from the spill makes it so much more realistic to the general public, I also like the fact that using the oil says that they are physically helping to clean up the oil and that is essentially what the posters are for.