Monday, 25 October 2010


My work now on iTunes

After putting up my old blog onto A Million Pidgeons’ webpage I was contacted by SiZe records who work with a number of new up and coming bands. They said that they had been looking through and really liked my work and thought that it would be great to use my style for a new single cover of an act called Glover. I was delighted with this contact and was more than happy to work with them to create a cover. I was given some creative freedom but the budget was essentially non-existant for it so this limited me. I decided to apply the use of cymantics that I had used for my second year mapping project, this was creating visuals by making vibrations in water. The imagary I had looked almost like a rose from above, I turned the image red and this greated some very ineteresting visuals. I experimented with the type by using the V in Love and the A of Skank to create thorns underneath the image, further emphasising the rose. I showed the work to SiZe and they loved them, however due to the very limited budget they needed a black and white print, when the red was taken out of the image then the rose dissapeared and so I used the type simply underneath the image. They were very happy with the outcome and have said that there will be more work to come my way in the future, the whole experience was good as it gave me contact with real life clients and how to work with a very limited budget. I was happy with the outcome but given a larger budget the result could have been a lot better.